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Sinker Jacquard Fabrics with/without Lycra

Cotton Sinker jacquard fabrics are a type of knitting fabric made from cotton fibers using a Sinker Jacquard knitting technique. The jacquard aspect refers to the pattern or design woven into the fabric using a jacquard loom. Here’s some information regarding the content of cotton interlock jacquard fabrics:

  1. Composition: Cotton interlock jacquard fabrics are primarily made from cotton fibers. Cotton is a natural fiber that is known for its softness, breathability, and comfort. It is a popular choice for clothing and textile manufacturing due to its versatile properties.
  2. Sinker Knitting: Sinker knitting is a technique used in the production of knitted fabrics. It involves the use of a sinker, which is a thin, flat piece of metal, to hold down or sink specific stitches while knitting. This technique helps create a more stable and denser fabric compared to regular knitting methods.
  3. Jacquard Knitting: Jacquard knitting is a technique used to create intricate patterns or designs in fabric. It is named after the Jacquard loom, a mechanical loom invented in the early 19th century. Jacquard looms use a series of punched cards to control the knitting process, allowing for complex patterns to be created. In the case of cotton interlock jacquard fabrics, the patterns are knitting into the fabric during the interlock knitting process.
  4. Design and Patterns: Cotton Sinker jacquard fabrics can feature a wide range of designs and patterns, depending on the desired aesthetic. The jacquard knitting technique allows for intricate motifs, textures, or even pictorial designs to be incorporated into the fabric. The patterns can be geometric, floral, abstract, or any other design desired by the manufacturer.

Specifications :

GSM Available: 180-200/ 210-220 / 230-240 / 270-280
Width Available: Open Width & Tube Both are Available
Composition Available:  100%Cotton/ Customized Blended/ Fancy Yarns


Cotton Sinker jacquard fabrics find applications in various knitting products. They are commonly used for clothing items such as dresses, skirts, tops, and even accessories like scarves and ties. The textured surface and visual interest created by the jacquard patterns make these fabrics desirable for both fashion and home decor applications.

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