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Cotton/Pique with/without Lycra Stripe Fabric

Cotton/Pique with/without Lycra Stripe Fabric

Cotton/Pique with/without Lycra auto feeder Stripe are Knitted Fabric that feature stripes as a prominent design element. Here’s some information about striper fabrics:

  1. Stripe Patterns: Striper fabrics are characterized by the presence of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes running across the knitted fabric’s surface. These stripes can vary in width, color, and arrangement, offering a wide range of design possibilities. The stripes can be evenly spaced, irregular, or in various combinations, creating different visual effects.
  2. Materials: We manufactures 100% Cotton Auto Feeder Striper fabrics. Beside 100% Cotton Knitted Stripe Fabric We Manufactures Customized  Stripe Knitted Fabric in various Blend as per Customer’s Requirement. 
  3. Types of Stripe Fabrics: Striper fabrics come in different types, depending on the Knitting technique used.

    Specifications :

    Knits Available: Single Jersey / Double Jersey
    Names: Pique Knitted  Fabric in Cotton
    Composition Available: 100% Cotton/ customized blends/Fancy Yarns
    Counts Available: 20’s / 24’s / 30’s / 34’s / 40’s
    GSM Available:  150-160/170-180/190-200/210-220/230-240 or as per Customer Requirements.
    Width Available: Tube as well as Open Width Available.
    Colors Available: All Solid Shades, Mélanges & Dyeing Quality Shades

    Applications :

    T-shirts / Lowers / Track Pants / Joggers / Pyjamas / Shorts / Uniforms / Garments / Apparels / Home Furnishing


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Sinker Stripe
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